Website Update

I spent the last few days polishing up the layout of this website to give my creativity some outlet before settling into my research routine. The changes include, in particular,

  • the coloring scheme of the layout such that there is more contrast for the content in focus; white boxes against a gray background seemed more functional than the reverse
  • box shadows and paper-like substrates as visual cues to where the main content resides
  • refactored CSS for more consistent layouts across page templates
  • use of HTML5 tags (nav, header, section, article)
  • Computer Modern Unicode (from LaTeX) as the default article font for elegance
  • redesigned widths of layout elements to better handle changing browser zoom levels
  • a more fluid navigation system on the sidebar
  • the ability to bookmark items in the Galleries, on which I had spent hours during the first deployment of this site and had not solved
  • conversion of all old posts from HTML to Textile markdown language (this is why the Welcome page displays dated articles; it shows summaries of five most recently updated articles)
  • transfer of guestbook entries to my inbox

If you are still using IE6 (or even IE7/8), you will unfortunately be unable to enjoy much of the aesthetics of this site. I heartily recommend you ditch those outmoded browsers in favor of Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.