It’s been over a month again. I’ve been kept busy by work and some self-improvement projects. Every time I want to write about something, my attention is drawn away by something with a bigger payoff, whether it’s exercise, cooking, reading, or tinkering with my computer. Furthermore, my weekends are occupied by errands, social activities, and church, so any satisfaction in productivity is offset by a sense of hurriedness.

I won’t elaborate, but in case you’re interested, here’s a list of some noteworthy events in the past month and a half:

  • Read Malachi.
  • Read Harry Potter 7.
  • Replaced my hard drive, which was still under warranty.
  • Backed up all my data.
  • Cooked my first beef dish.
  • Bought my first watermelon (and it was good!).
  • Bought a set of tools.
  • Obtained a free computer and installed Gentoo on it.
  • Helped my friend install Linux.
  • Tapeout of a circuit for my internship.
  • Attended a barbeque at a company executive’s house.