A Brief Reprieve

I’m amazed at the stress tolerance of the human mind and body. As my schedule became increasingly hectic and my lack of discipline and silly indulgences started affecting my performance, I determined to work non-stop until after midterms.

Still, by no earthly means could I have completed three problem sets, caught up on most of my lectures, and prepared for two midterms during the span of the last ten days. By God’s provisions, one was postponed and I obtained an extension for another. Consequently, I spent entire days before each midterm reading lecture notes and writing my own. I even managed to squeeze a problem set in there in between my Tuesday and my Thursday midterms. (It was relatively easy after reviewing for the exam.) Of course, I then had to work on the problem set for which I had been given an extension, and that occupied most of my time until yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I still missed a problem.

In retrospect, the ability to maintain that level of concentration and diligence can be attributed to nothing but the strength lent me by God. O how unworthy I am to receive such a blessing!

After submitting the homework yesterday, I finally allowed myself a chance to relax, taking the rest of the day off. I went to the Oval to throw the frisbee around with Simon, then went to a friend and brother’s gathering to attempt the construction of Death Star II (from Star Wars) using LEGOS, and finally returned home to learn a fun guitar piece titled 《对面的女孩看过来》. Although I would like to elaborate more about an incident regarding frisbee, this information is classified at the moment.

In any case, it’s back to the grind again. I find it difficult to resume my previous work ethic, and can only pray for diligence, discipline, and strength.