General Update

Sorry to be MIA for the last two months. I had wanted to update after I finished translating my testimony, but it looks like that’ll have to wait, even though I am about halfway done. I’ve been kept busy primarily by work: a full-time internship at Symmetricom and part-time web development for Stanford Alumni Mentoring. That project is now in its testing phase, and my queue of bugs is ever growing, in part because I’m continually making design changes to make future debugging easier. One of these days, I’m just going to sit down in a quiet place and go through all my code to make sure everything is consistent.

Recently, I’ve been coming up with interesting (i.e., unconventional) business ideas with a friend, but with all the things on my plate, and a pending Ph. D. program, I’m not sure I’ll get around to realizing those ideas anytime soon. =[ I’ve also wanted to delve a bit deeper into networked game programming, and have started a multiplayer tetris project with Simon, but he’s going to leave for China in a month. I’m going to miss him. He has been a courteous friend, a diligent cook, and I think we both gained much from his research exchange stint here at Stanford. Now, if my [other] partner at Tsinghua can come to the U.S. soon, that’ll be really cool.

I’ve been thinking of forking this site into a personal and a professional site, mostly as an excuse to get these creative juices flowing again doing web layout design. But nevertheless, it’d be cool to post my design qualifications on the web, and perhaps score some contract work. I’m also thinking of upgrading this site to use PHP, but the stubborn part of me wants to show that pure old-school technology (HTML, CSS, Javascript) can still thrive in this modern world characterized by an ever-increasing adoption of new fads. On the other hand, I’ve also thought about shutting my personal site down, because honestly, who really cares about what I think anyway, right? And it’s near-impossible to write anything these days that might not lead to sticky situations, whether it’s with parents, employers, or other superiors.

Oh, and I just realized (after years of having this site up): This site’s navigation links don’t work without Javascript. Oops.