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General Update

I switched from FreeBSD to Ubuntu because I didn’t have the patience to try to get everything working in FreeBSD. Whenever I upgrade a program, something else breaks; some programs don’t ever compile. So I gave it up. One of the things I missed while I was using FreeBSD was auto-mounting external drives. It’s so nice to have that here in Ubuntu. Also, Ubuntu’s collection of packages is a lot more stable. Nothing has dropped a .core in my home directory yet. Unfortunately, the SCIM in this version of Ubuntu does not support Korean Romaja Input Method. Since I’m using Dvorak layout, it messes up the real Korean layout, so there’s no point in learning the Korean layout on Dvorak (does that make sense???).

Senior Chill and Grill was today, and Joanna and I were up. The people kept asking hard questions! I invoked the right to keep silent on several of the questions, in particular, the ones relating to specifics about my infatuations. So in the end, like I told Joanna, I’m still a closed book.

Less than 30 days with Henry left, before he departs for HMS. And I’m stuck here, wondering if I’ve ever really accomplished anything big in my life. Not that I do any of the accomplishing anyway, since according to Reformist doctrine, God accomplished everything through me.

I’m going to China this summer to do some CNT research at 清华. Somehow God managed to satisfy my need to get some research experience, my desire to travel, and my need to make some money this summer. Praise God. For the good and for the bad. We have to remember not to just praise Him for the good things, because He works in all things. I’m excited. I’ll probably not update this site until after I return, by which time I will be a graduate student (SGS anyone?). One thing I find annoying is this need at Stanford to classify graduate students as “sketchy”. This word is way overused.