Rocks 3

The latest version of my flagship product line, Rocks 3 is written in C++ and OpenGL, taking advantage of hardware acceleration. I (once again) rewrote the code from scratch, taking pains to adhere to stricter object-oriented programming rules as well as keeping my engine general enough to
facilitate future modification and extension. As such, there is still much to do, such as:

  • Enemy AI
  • A fully-functional weapons system
  • A more complete marketplace

Improvements over the older version include a time-based engine instead of a frame-based engine, alpha transparency, smoother graphics due to hardware acceleration, and a cooler interface. Unfortunately, I do not have time to work on this project until I finish my Ph. D., which (Lord willing) should be in late 2012. I’m aiming to finish this project by next Christmas. As of now, the only distributables are the screenshots.