FiCS SAN 2008 Mosaic

At the end of every academic year, my Christian fellowship puts on a Senior Appreciation Night (SAN), in which we “appreciate” the graduating seniors (or grad students) by either playing a slideshow, a short video, or performing a skit. The soon-to-be graduates and the rest of the fellowship then exchange gifts. Last year, we decided to give the two and only graduating seniors a mosaic in the form of a motivational poster, full of photos taken during (and before) their time at Stanford.

As the resident technical person, I put my Linux box to use, using the open-source solution metapixel and a few thousand photos.

Download FiCS SAN 2008 Mosaic (PDF) (11.3 MB).

Download FiCS SAN 2008 Mosaic (PNG) (8.58 MB).

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