Stanford Alumni Mentoring

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The Stanford Alumni Mentoring program allows Stanford students to find Stanford alumni and develop mentoring relationships with them. The role of the website was to allow participants to manage their profiles and to help students find mentors that matched their criteria.

To put it succinctly, program administration in the past was hell. Manually tracking people, handling paper applications, and answering bug reports became a full-time job of its own. The Stanford Alumni Mentoring team thus hired me to overhaul the original SAM website to:

  1. automate as much of the administrative tasks as possible,
  2. put the application process online,
  3. improve the existing search algorithm,
  4. improve the aesthetics of the site, and
  5. build a more robust, bug-free system.

The current site is a result of several rewrites in a span of a few years. It was by far my biggest project, and I learned a significant amount from my experience, in particular, about using classes and abstracting the user interface.

  • Stanford Alumni Mentoring (2012)
  • Stanford Alumni Mentoring (2014)